Did you know that one of the greatest high school coaches in the country grew up in
Monterey? It’s true. Read on to learn more about a true hometown legend!

Written by Andrew Buckner

21 seasons.

658 wins.

6 TSSAA state championships.

80-plus collegiate prospects.

Multiple Major League Baseball stars.

In a word, dominance, accomplished by one of our own.

For those unfamiliar, Farragut head coach Matt Buckner is a baseball fixture who spent his childhood fielding ground balls and shooting jump shots right here in Monterey.

Heading into his final season as head coach of the Admirals, Matt will exit high school baseball as one of the most prolific, consistent, and respected names of the last 20 years.

His Farragut team led by standout senior, Mississippi State commit, and Matt’s son, Lukas Buckner, enters 2024 as the no. 5 ranked team in the country poised for a three-peat.

But, beyond wins and losses, Matt’s real victories have come in the form of lives changed.

monterey tn

Just this year, his Farragut team includes 13 college commits.

13 athletes are now guaranteed an education and a future (whether on the diamond or off it) through personal hard work, but also via Matt’s dedication to their lives and success.

Matt Buckner represented Monterey with class and commitment while an athlete here and has continued to be a shining example of what a small-town kid can accomplish through focus, expertise, and perseverance.

Writing this article was a joy for me.

Matt Buckner is not only one of the greatest high school baseball coaches of all time, he’s my cousin, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.