Can’t climb into your Netflix account and join the cast of Gilmore Girls for a festive evening in Stars Hollow? No worries, read on to learn more about the next best thing, Thanksgiving in Monterey

We’ve said it before, but Monterey truly is a special place.

It’s a real community.

The people who live here love each other, share their neighbors’ burdens, and celebrate life as a family.

And, during no time of the year is this spirit of togetherness more on display than at Thanksgiving.

Turkeys are delicately prepared, desserts stack up on tables, laughter dances through the air, and Christmas trees find their way out of attics and into living rooms.

In a city known for being kind, the warmth is elevated.

Those in need are cared for, fed, and encouraged.

Monterey uses its resources to rally around those who are hurting, alone, or are hungry.

It’s a time of joy.

Chatter about the Christmas Parade (this year’s ceremony will feature local Postman Chris Orrand as its Grand Marshall), reminiscing of times past, rekindling of friendships, and an overall sense of gratitude and hope can be heard, seen, and felt in homes throughout Monterey during Thanksgiving.

The people of this amazing city truly exemplify the holiday spirit. We’re in this together, and for that, despite the challenges everyone has faced over the past few years, we’re thankful indeed.

If you’ve never been to Monterey, come visit soon and see our beautiful, authentic community firsthand.

We’d love to meet you.