Are you looking for a peaceful drive that offers some of the Upper Cumberland’s most beautiful autumnal sights? We’ve got you covered!

Nothing beats a day spent cruising backroads in the fall.

 The leaves are blowing, the sun is shining, and the air is just crisp enough to ride with the windows down comfortably.

 With this perfect thought in mind, we want to share some of the best local autumn drives with you today.

 And, since this is a blog about all things Monterey, we picked three that lead to Monterey and all the fun waiting there!

Highway 70 From Cookeville

Snaking from through the farmland that sits just outside Cookeville, TN, Hwy. 70 provides stunning views of the fall foliage before beginning its rapid ascension up the Cumberland Plateau to Monterey. Bonus: For those looking to get a bit more adventurous with their route from Cookeville, take a left onto Shady Lane (which connects to Rocky Point and leads to Monterey as well) for some of the most picturesque, bucolic landscapes the area has to offer.

Highway 70 From Crossville

If you’re heading to Monterey from the East, we recommend skipping I-40 and taking Hwy. 70 westbound! With a slow-moving route that cuts through thousands of acres of rolling farmland, this is our pick for those seeking a lazy, relaxing afternoon behind the wheel.

Brotherton Mountain Road

Last, we offer our personal favorite, Brother Mountain. This winding connector from Algood/Cookeville to Monterey is (in our humble opinion) the perfect autumn backroad. From stunning vistas to creepy folklore (stop by the Depot Museum and ask historian Dale Welch to share the tale of Crazy George’s Bridge – a site one passes using this route), Brotherton Mountain Road connects riders with the history and natural wonder of the area. Don’t miss it!

There you have it, three ways to arrive at our incredible little city. And, once you’ve made it here, the good times can really start!

 Monterey is packed with eateries, retail shops, and enough scenic beauty to make one wonder if they’ve somehow driven out of reality and into Stars Hollow for a visit with the Gilmore Girls.

 We hope this fall season is the most magical yet and can’t wait to see you in Monterey, TN!