explore what life growing up in Monterey was like for me! This quick, fun journey will pull back the curtain on my experience with small-town living atop the Cumberland Plateau!

The crack of a bat rings from the little field as children swing in Whitaker Park.

Bimbo leans on a walking stick, pausing during one of his countless treks around town.

Bill Wiggins glides past on a vintage bike, while the sounds of splashing and lifeguard whistles hang in the air.

Gene and Sandy are serving those wedges (you know the ones) at the DQ.

Life in Monterey.

Tee ball fields and James “Coonie” Foster, Friday night hangouts and the Tennis courts, and maybe even the occasional tussle at“the gas lines.”

Pairings that come to mind as I look back on my life in Monterey.
Echoes of a childhood spent living for football games and days at Holpp’s lake.

A slower pace than many experience today, but one that, upon reflection, seems just the right speed.

It couldn’t really be perfect, right?

To me it was.

Today, the city is growing.

Buildings are being restored (wink to you, Jon and Lindsey Phillips).

Businesses and concert venues are opening.

Sports are thriving.

monterey tn

New, wonderful people are moving in and making Monterey an even better place to be.

This is all objectively great, and I’m so happy to see it unfold.

But, no matter how much change happens for the better, nothing will ever replace my time as a Monterey kid in the 1990s.

This city is special.

It made me who I am.

I’m so glad that no matter where I end up, a piece of me will feel most at home in Monterey, TN.