We may be biased, but in our opinion, nothing is more beautiful than autumn in Monterey, TN. Read further to learn why we feel we love fall on the Cumberland Plateau so much!

It’s almost here.

 A time when fog hangs on the ponds, lakes, and rivers.

 Leaves dazzle the eyes with an array of earth tones, red, orange, brown, and gold.

 The coffee is hot and the mountains steam.

 Breakfast is on the table, conversations joyous.

“Main Street” is alive with chatter about Friday’s football game, hunting season, and the approaching holidays.

 Monterey, TN is a remarkable place, especially in the fall.

There’s no tangible metric to measure this by, but ask anyone who lives here and they’ll agree; something magic happens here September through November.

 The heat of summer is behind us, and the chill of winter has not yet reached out its spiny hands.

 The Wildcats are winning games against rivals, street lamps are decorated for the season, and an unspoken sense of “this is the best time of the year” is palpable.

 If you find yourself in Monterey during autumn, the enchanting pace, people, and the spirit of the city may make leaving more difficult than imagined.

You wouldn’t be the first to experience melancholy at departing.

 You won’t be the last.

 Monterey, TN in the fall is special.

 Come see for yourself.