Are you looking for a personalized outdoor adventure in the Upper Cumberland? The Outpost at Meadow Creek Park has you covered.

Through the dedication and passion of many wonderful people, Meadow Creek Park has become a travel destination, and “The Outpost” is the latest addition to an already wonderful natural getaway.

With expansive intermediate bike trails (shoutout to the Upper Cumberland SOBRA for creating these), guide services, fly fishing classes, and paddleboard, mountain bike, and kayak rentals, The Outpost at Meadow Creek Park offers visitors access to a gorgeous body of water, personalized fun, and the ideal locale for memory making.

Heather Call, Ian Stewart, and the teams at Outdoor Experience and Caney Fork Cycles worked together to build what is sure to be a game-changing service for UC outdoor adventure seekers and tourists alike.

Ambitious goals and hard work propelled the park to become the site seen today, and “The Outpost” represents the next step forward in a vision that began more than five years ago. The dream shared by many of improving local recreation options and celebrating the beauty of the area is being realized in a practical way at Meadow Creek Park.

So, when you’re planning summer fun for 2023, don’t miss the beauty, family fun, and connection offered just outside Monterey.

The Outpost at Meadow Creek Park is open Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm. For more information, email or call (931) 526-4453 today!

Photos by Tessa Davis (