Monterey is growing! Today’s blog highlights a reestablished staple and a newcomer to Commercial Avenue which are both part of the transformation. Read on to learn more.

Big changes are happening on “Main Street” Monterey.

 For starters, an old favorite, Ben Anna’s Cafe is back with new management.

The local eatery originally opened by Bill and Kay Wiggins nearly 15 years ago is now under the direction of Anna Bailey. Featuring a delicious menu, scrumptious treats, and a friendly staff, Ben Anna’s brings a culinary twist back to East Commercial. Anna and her team have worked diligently to put their own stamp on the shop while still honoring the original vision Bill and Kay shared. The result? A foodie’s dream.

 On certain days, you may even find the original gray-haired, bicycling soda jerk working behind the counter.

Equally exciting for Monterey is the addition of The French Market.

This stunning home decor paradise is filled with items intentionally curated to make your house feel like a home.

 Designed by owners Bryan and Julie Christenson as a place of community, creativity, and learning, the French Market brings yet another elegant business to Monterey.

The future of Monterey looks bright, and these two wonderful businesses are beautiful indicators of its arrival.