The sport TAKING OVER recreational fun from coast to coast will soon be available to the citizens of Monterey!

Though a specific date has yet to be set, the Putnam County Parks and Recreation department is planning a renovation of the public tennis area on Commercial Avenue that will convert a portion of the playing ground to a pickleball court.

 Why is this exciting? I’ll tell you!

For three consecutive years, Pickleball has been the fastest growing sport in America and for good reason!

 It’s easy to learn and less demanding than tennis, making it accessible to children, adults, and senior adults alike.

 From casual to contest, this sport can be enjoyed for exercise, community, or competition!


To have your pickleball-interested mind blown, check out these statistics!


While the addition of a pickleball court may seem like a minor change, in reality, it will create a unique environment of cross-generational recreation for every citizen that calls Monterey home (those living outside Monterey can use the court as well).

Get your paddle, headband, and competitive spirit ready for pickleball in Monterey, coming summer 2023!