Read on to learn more about how an exciting partnership between the Tennessee Bluebird Society and the Monterey Garden Club is protecting indigenous birdlife in the Upper Cumberland!

Defending and celebrating the natural beauty around us has always been a central tenet of the Monterey Garden Club.

 While their pursuits usually focus on life that blooms and buds, they’ve expanded their reach from flora to fauna by partnering with the Tennessee Bluebird Society!

Raymond Reed

The Bluebird Society works to protect local birdlife by raising public awareness for the decline of native birdlife (and the causes of this decline) through educational opportunities and workshops. They also partner with local chapters like the Monterey Garden club to put this education to work by preventing decline in effective, practical ways.

 One such effort is on display at Whitaker Park in Monterey!

In the Garden Club’s corner of the park (directly across Elmore St facing the tee-ball fields), two bluebird houses have been installed. You’re probably thinking, “anyone can put up a birdhouse!” Don’t worry, these aren’t your average aviaries!

 Each house is designed to not only provide safety and a food source, they also are advanced pieces of technology that track the nesting process of local birds, allowing the Tennessee Bluebird Society to monitor population progress in the area.

Pretty cool, right?

 Led by president Jan Stansell, the Monterey Garden Club, through its partnership with the Tennessee Bluebird society, is ensuring the natural beauty in and around Monterey will be healthy and thriving for years to come.

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