Ready to have your taste buds ignited while visiting beautiful Monterey? Look no further than Los Agaves!

You’ve traveled all day.

 Traffic, screaming kids, and a low-fuel light have you needing a break from I-40, like now.

 What’s more, you’re hungry. But, where should you stop to recharge on your way across the volunteer state?

We’ve got a recommendation, Los Agaves Mexican Restaurant in downtown Monterey.

Since owner Jorge Limon opened Los Agaves in 2019, this quaint food paradise has become a staple of the community and we’re delighted to share it with you now!

 With fresh ingredients, a delicious menu, and a friendly staff, Los Agaves is the PERFECT choice for lunch or dinner during your trek.

Bonus: Los Agaves sits on Commercial Ave (our Main St) meaning you can eat, explore the city, and grab a cup of tasty local coffee before hitting the road again!

Los Agaves is a favorite option for locals, travelers, and anyone who gives this wonderful hidden gem a visit. We’re sure you’ll feel the same and look forward to seeing you on the streets of Monterey soon!