What does the ideal pairing of expertise, passion, and service look like? Keith and Tammy Phillips of Goff Funeral Home! Read on to learn more about how these incredible people make Monterey a better place to live.

95 years.

 That’s how long D.M. Goff Funeral Home has been in operation.

 Nearly a century.

 Grief and comfort in Monterey for 95 years.

As one of two funeral options in the city, Goff Funeral Home has held thousands of ceremonies.

 Think about that. Thousands of families have been helped through the pain of death by the various teams at Goff.

 When D.M. “Doc” Goff founded the business in 1927, he had no way of knowing what it would become, or just how capable the hands leading it in 2023 would be.

For the entire 35 years of my life, two people have poured their hearts in making the grieving process possible at Goff Funeral Home; owners Keith and Tammy Phillips.

 Carrying on “Doc’s” spirit of service and human-centric care, Keith and Tammy suffer with the community and they’ve done so countless times.


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They are literally a shoulder to cry on.

 They are available.

 They are true experts, who excel at their craft.

 They are kind.

 They make the worst days better, and do it knowing it will hurt.

 They offer real love.

 A love that’s painful for them but brings healing to others.

 I’ve experienced it.

Almost everyone in Monterey can say the same.

 Keith and Tammy are wonderful examples of what it means to serve your community.

 Their lives exist in the trenches, loving Monterey, and we’re lucky to have them.

 We always have been.