All lives are valuable and worth remembering, but, occasionally, a special person comes along who needs an extra dose of celebrating. In today’s blog, we honor the incredible life of one of Monterey’s finest, Charlotte McCowan. 

I’m going to miss Charlotte Mccowan. 

She was an artist. 

She was creative. 

She was an inspirer, uplifter, and affirmer.

Whether you encountered Charlotte selling her custom paintings at the Monterey Farmer’s Market,  helping shoppers at Hello Market Blessings, or teaching art at Reba’s Flower Shop, you were sure to be met with a “hello,” a hug, and a word of encouragement. 

Charlotte was so important to Monterey. 

She cultivated the arts. 

She inspired the creatives living here to express ourselves. 

She attended concerts. 

She shared posts. 

Charlotte’s kind words were accompanied by action. 

Beyond the arts, Charlotte was a devoted Christian. 

She was a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. 

She was the perfect mix of talent, passion, and kindness. 

I personally benefited from who Charlotte was. 

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She was in the crowd for countless concerts I performed to empty seats and quiet venues. 

Her support carried me through many times. 

What’s more, it would take a full working day to collect all the kind things she’s said to me about my music over the years. 

I’m not alone. 

Some people leave ripples. 

The impact of their life felt long after they’ve gone. 

Charlotte’s life left a tidal wave. 

She made the world better and we’re all glad to have known her. 

If you make it to Monterey, ask anyone about Charlotte, the answer will always be the same; “Charlotte was special.”