In today’s blog, I’ll celebrate the amazing man that was Nathan Walker, and
do my best to convey what he meant to all of us.
Obituaries are weird.

A notorious criminal sounds like a saint when their eulogy is delivered.

We fluff up, exaggerate, look over, and lie to make the one we’ve lost seem admirable.

It’s a game many of us have played or at least witnessed.

However, this charade is not always needed.

Though rare, we occasionally find ourselves mourning someone who truly lived as a person of character, selflessness, and generosity.

Such is the case with Nathan Walker.

Nathan, at his core, was a servant to those around him.

He was described at his funeral as “possessing a serious lack of narcissism.”

What a compliment.

It was true.

He dedicated his life to Monterey.

He was an alderman.

He worked tirelessly to reshape the financial standing of the city and to improve the lives of those living there as a result.

Most recently, he was mayor.

monterey tn
Up until his cancer diagnosis just a few weeks ago, Nathan led this city, and he did it

I’ll repeat it.

He led well, always.

But, more important than any of this, Nathan was an exceptional husband, father, and friend.

He was always ready with a kind and insightful word of encouragement.
He really listened.

He wanted the best ideas to be heard, whether they came from his mouth or not.

To me personally, he was a great source of uplift, inspiration, and confidence.

Just nine days before his passing, when he was very ill, he made this comment on a
blog I penned about my dad.

“One of Monterey’s finest citizens…his work in our community will endure through
the generations. Congratulations Mr. Buckner!”

Did he know these words of affirmation rang true about himself as well?

Until the end, Nathan expressed love, kindness, and hope simply by being himself.

Nathan was special.

We all know it.

His passing has created an unfillable hole in the heart of Monterey.
He will be greatly missed.

But, when we speak of the incredible man that was Nathan Walker, every word will
be true.