Among the many alluring features which draw visitors to the Upper Cumberland, the splendor of fall reigns supreme. The changing leaves, cooling temperatures, and area events make autumn the perfect time to visit Monterey, TN!
Crisp mornings, trees that seem to be made of gold, music, bonfires, and laughter enveloping the senses; this is fall in Monterey, TN.

I have spent most of my life in the Upper Cumberland (as a result, I’ve experienced the seasons make their rounds many times) and I can confidently say autumn is my favorite time to live here.

Some unspoken magic pulses like electricity all around. The world hums with excitement.

Is this intangible presence possibility? Creativity? Pumpkin spice?
Maybe all three.

People seem friendlier. We laugh more. We slow down.

The mountains get a fresh coat of paint; yellow, orange, and red.

History is celebrated.

Natural wonder is on display in hills, rivers, fields, and forests.

The tuning of guitars, fiddles, mandolins, and banjos fills the cooling air with beauty.

Marshmallows are roasted, ghost stories are reborn from the flames, and coffee is sipped slowly, together.

The world becomes a nicer place each autumn.

And, while it’s true I may be biased, I honestly can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be during October and November each year.

There is magic waiting to be discovered in Monterey this fall, will you come find it?