Nothing says small-town America like local service stations (and the stories
shared over coffee there). Monterey features a couple of these unique spots, and in
this month’s blog, we’ll learn a little more about each! Let’s get started!

More than gasoline and tire changes
A service station in a small town is often so much more than the name suggests.

As a center of town news (maybe even, occasionally a little gossip), each locally-owned station is a vital piece of the community in which it operates.

In Monterey, TN, two such locally-owned, communal hubs exist in Reed’s Exxon and Earl’s Service Center.

Raymond Reed

Reed’s Exxon
“Reed’s” (as it’s commonly referred to by locals) was created by the late Raymond Reed, a local legend to those who’ve called Monterey home over the past few decades.

Raymond ran the station until his passing in 2020 when leadership was taken over by brothers Brent and Blake Key.

Having spent their formative years learning from Raymond, the brothers continue what Mr. Reed started by operating a station filled with laughter and many of the most beloved “characters” within the community.

Sure, the brothers offer auto repairs, gas sales, and towing, but more importantly, they keep a historic business moving forward and make Monterey a better place by doing so.

Earl’s Service Station
Owned and operated by local Earl Stephens, Earl’s Service Center is a true “water cooler” location.

Many longtime members of the Monterey community are regularly spotted reminiscing, sharing the latest jokes, and reliving bygone days at “Earl’s.”

Earl offers towing, minor auto repairs, U-Haul rentals, and gasoline sales, but, like the Key brothers at Reed’s, his most precious gift to the people of Monterey comes in the form of community.

See for yourself
These wonderful stations offer full-service gasoline sales and a friendly smile, and they would love your business when visiting Monterey, TN.

Go see for yourself why both have thrived for decades, and don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.