Among the greatest characters in Monterey lore, Coy Buckner’s standing is secure! Read further to learn more about this wonderful man and his more than 60 years of business (and laughs)!


Baseball cards.

Endless pranking, laughing, and storytelling.

The treasures one receives when in the company of legendary jokester and Monterey businessman Coy Buckner.

Whether purchasing a new pair of slacks at Buckner’s Casual Wear, or in search of bottle rockets by the gross at Buck’s Fireworks, one thing has always been consistent, you feel at home.

With the help of daughter Regina (who shares a similar welcoming spirit) and late wife Frances, Coy offers Monterey much more than bright lights and nice slacks.

Coy gives us laughs. Though his health has been a challenge of late, anyone who has called Monterey home during the last half-century will smile at the mention of the name Coy Buckner.

For me, the magic of Coy Buckner is personal.

I distinctly remember the joy I felt walking each time I entered one of his shops. He made me feel special.

What I didn’t realize at the time? He made it his mission to make everyone believe they were special.

The sly grin on his face as he slipped in free fireworks with each purchase? Coy.

The snicker he made as he successfully pulled his latest gag in a crowd? Coy.

The man who secretly helped those most in need on a frequent basis without any
public mention of his good deeds? Coy.

Coy Buckner made my life more whimsical and, as a result, better.

Anyone who knows this amazing man will say the same.