Nothing says Monterey like the people, culture, and service of Monterey Foods! In today’s blog, I share my personal experience working at this incredible grocery store as a teenager! Let’s get started!

Skinny, nervous, clueless.

Apt descriptors of me on my first day at Monterey Foods. I had just graduated Monterey High School a week earlier, and this was my first job.

Anxious by nature, I found myself terrified to begin such an “overwhelming” journey into the workforce (I believe my schedule was a whopping 20 hours each week!)

My fears were quickly relieved as owner Danny Todd welcomed me to the team, and showed me the aisle I would be stocking (#1 for those interested).

His fun nature, kind words, and the clear respect he garnered within the community put my jitters at ease.

For the next year, I stocked shelves, carried groceries to vehicles (sometimes I was even tipped for the effort – here’s to you, Shelia Lane!), and got to know my hometown while attending Tennessee Tech.

During this time, I truly experienced Monterey for the first time.

I witnessed real kindness in customers like Danny Allen, Retta Sells, Chris Phipps, and many more.

I experienced the power of co-worker Becky Mosley’s dry wit and cutting humor (we all still miss her).

I learned to love the people of Monterey by serving them, laughing with them, and occasionally dropping a gallon of milk on the floor at their feet.

I wouldn’t trade my experiences at Monterey Foods for any degree.

My time there taught me what good leadership is (I’m looking at you, Gina and

Enduring friendships were made.

My life was changed.

Eventually, it came time to leave, and the anxiety returned; I dreaded turning in my notice.

When I told Danny I was moving on, he smiled and once again took the fear away.

Monterey Foods serves up much more than quality groceries, it offers kindness in a world desperately in need of the precious commodity.

The good done by the store and the people who own it will never fully be known, but I will forever be grateful for how my life was enriched during the time spent at
Monterey Foods.