Article written by Andrew Buckner

If you’ve been to a tee-ball game in Monterey over the last… well, 40 years or so, you know the name James “Cooney” Foster.

From challenging umpire decisions to helping lead as an

Alderman, the town staple has been in the public eye (and

heart) for longer than I’ve been alive.

Cooney is a sweetheart.

Ask anyone who really knows him.

He cares deeply about others (even if he’ll gladly raise his voice at some while discussing the Lady Vols over coffee at Hardee’s).

This affection is clear on sidelines and town hall meetings, but was most evident in the way he loved his late wife Benita.

He treasured her.

He’s done the same for his community for decades.

monterey tn

There aren’t enough words to adequately relay the importance of Cooney to Monterey.

He’s mentored.

He’s served.

He’s reached into the deep well that is his heart to give his time, energy, and passion without fail.

I’m proud to say that Cooney is a friend of mine.

He’s a friend of so many who call Monterey home.

Cooney is a vibrant, unique, and beautiful piece of fabric in the city’s tapestry.

We should all hope to leave a legacy like the one being built by James “Cooney” Foster.