Looking for a local place to headbang this fall? The Old Gray in Monterey has you covered!

Picturesque farmland.

The cool of a Tennessee autumn night.

Headbanging icons?

Rocktober is upon us once again!

Likely to outpace even last year’s massive success, Rocktober 2023 (October 13th) features an incredible lineup of both new music and established artists.

Rocktober Lineup

Lost Circus has a sound reminiscent of days when traditional four-pieces packed stadiums.

Soaring vocals, a driving rhythm section, and mind-bending lead guitar will be on tap with Lost Circus!

monterey tn

Heavy metal and rock fans are sure to recognize FireHouse, who burst onto the scene in the 1980s and scored major chart success, by their hits including the smash “Love of a Lifetime.”

Multi-platinum artists Winger will add their signature blend of power and presence to the autumn rockfest. Monster songs like “Seventeen,” “Headed For a Heartache,” and “Miles Away” are sure to be heard echoing through the hills surrounding the Old Gray as Wingerm melts faces.

The headliner, Warrant, is set to round out the night with a slew of their classics including the mega-hit “Heaven.” Icons for a reason, the immensely talented rock gods will aptly serve as the perfect ending to a night in heavy metal nirvana.

Rocktober is going to once again live up to its name and you don’t want to miss it!

Visit https://theoldgray.com/ to buy your ticket today!